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A Few Things To Consider With Digger Hire

Hiring a digger from Dare To Dig Ltd is more than often the best solution for getting a job done. We have diggers of all sizes, 3cx’s and 360’s of all sizes. Specialised long reach or Mini/Micro diggers. It makes fast work of what would be a back-breaking job if it was done by hand. Even in places with limited access. 

If you Hire a Digger by searching for “digger hire” on the internet, you can find diggers of varying sizes and capability, but if you hire one with an operator, even on a mini Digger, you will get the job done quicker and more efficiently, with the ability to work in tight spaces without causing damage.

An operator can advise you on the best ways of doing things and what you need to be aware of, like cable, pipes and tree roots. An experienced eye will identify potential problems before you encounter them. If you haven’t used a digger before, it can take some time to get familiar with a machine, it isn’t technically challenging, but the first few hours can be slow going and quite dangerous.

You can reserve the digger with a quick phone call or email. Speak to the company, give them all the information needed for making recommendations. Lots of information is already on the website, but remember there will be extra costs like fuel, delivery, collection and method of transport. If you hire a machine with Driver, you will often get an all in price for the complete job.

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