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Choosing to hire a digger from Dare to Dig Ltd is a great solution for getting the job done! 


We can supply machines ranging in size from Mini/Micro Diggers, JCB3cx’s, specialised long reach and large 360s.


The correct machine makes fast work, even in areas of limited access, which would be a back breaking job if carried out manually.


The benefits of hiring a digger and operator are numerous.  The job will be completed quickly and efficiently, using skills and knowledge gained over many years, with the ability to work in tight spaces without causing damage.  An experienced eye will identify potential problems such as cables, pipes and tree roots before you encounter them.


If you are considering hiring a machine to operate yourself and you have not used one before, it can take some time to get familiar with it.  It is not technically challenging, but the first few hours can be slow going and care must be taken to work safely. 


Our advice is to speak to the hiring company, give them as much information about your job as you can so that they can make recommendations. Bear in mind that there will be extra costs such as fuel, delivery, collection and method of transport. However, should you decide to hire a machine with an operator, you will often get an ‘all in’ price for the complete job.


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